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Understanding Osteoporosis: Prevention, Screening, and Treatment presented by Zing Health

10aug1:00 am10sep1:00 amUnderstanding Osteoporosis: Prevention, Screening, and Treatment presented by Zing Health

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Osteoporosis is a disease that weakens the bones. Weakened bones are more likely to break. Osteoporosis affects both men and women, but postmenopausal women are most at risk. This is because after menopause, the body makes less estrogen, which increases bone loss.

In later years, both men and women need to take extra care of their bones because the body loses more bone than it makes. Both the quality and quantity of bone declines in older people. This is why prevention of osteoporosis, which includes exercise and a healthy diet, is important. So is screening for osteoporosis, and if screening finds your bones are thinning, following your doctor’s treatment and lifestyle recommendations.

You Can Prevent Osteoporosis

To help prevent osteoporosis and fractures, you need to exercise and nourish your bones throughout your life. The earlier you begin staying active and increasing your calcium intake, the more bone loss you can prevent.

Exercise is vital for your bone health at any age. It can prevent bone fractures and spine changes by slowing bone loss. Exercise will also strengthen the muscles that support and protect your bones. It can also be fun! A variety of exercises is best:

  •  Resistance exercises. These build muscle strength and maintain bone mass. They also make you less prone to injury. Exercises include lifting small weights, doing push-ups and sit-ups, using elastic exercise bands, and using weight machines.
  •  Weight-bearing activities. These help your whole body. They also help you maintain bone mass. Activities include walking, dancing, and housework.
  •  Non-weight-bearing exercises. These help prevent back strain and pain. They do this by building the trunk and leg muscles. Exercises that help with flexibility can prevent falls. Examples include swimming, water exercise, and stretching.

Before you start a new exercise routine, talk with your healthcare provider to be sure these exercises are right for you.

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August 10 (Tuesday) 1:00 am - September 10 (Friday) 1:00 am


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