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Nationwide Ministry is excited to announce the new opportunity for ad placements on our site!  (Updated March 23, 2020) In the last year we have been blessed with a visit total of 805,674 and a page total of 3,112,274  In February 2020 alone we had 176,708 visits to 450,110 pages on our site.  We are now crossing a milestone with 10,000,000 ad impressions being generated on our site, and advertising on our site is easy to set up utilizing the form listed above.

Featured at the bottom of each page on our site is a block of 3 “Bottom Page Ads,” featured on the right hand side of each of our Directory Pages are our “Directory Sidebar Ads,” and featured on the right hand side of each of our Event Pages are our “Event Sidebar Ads.”  Each of these placement areas attract a large number of views.  In placing ads with us, you can chose a specific number of impressions generated or a specific number of clicks achieved or a specific number of days listed.

When placing an ad please note that imagery can not be larger than 400 kb, they can not be wider than 1024 pixels in width and they also can not be higher than 800 pixels in height.  If you are having a challenge uploading a jpeg, convert your jpeg into a png file and try again.  You may also contact us by phone at the number listed below.


99% English Speaking | 1% Other

96% US Residents | 4% Other

85% Mobile Device Users | 15% Computer Users

46% Female Users | 54% Male Users


18-24  27% | 25-34  33% | 35-44 16% | 45-54 13% | 55-64 5% | 65+ 5%

Reports are easily generated by logging in with your email address and provides hourly impression and click counts, which are also available to be downloaded as pdf’s.

If you have any other questions or challenges, please contact: 773-315-5999 (US) Monday – Friday from 8am – 6pm C.S.T. – Thank you for the opportunity to serve. – Nationwide Ministry

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