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Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc.  https://pawinc.org

International Missionary & Christian Women of the PAW, Inc. – IMCWA  https://pawinc.org/tag/imcwa

International Christian Education Association of the PAW, Inc. – ICEA  http://pawicea.org

International Minister’s Wives & Minister’s Widows of the PAW, Inc. – IMWMWA  https://pawinc.org/tag/imwmwa

International Men’s Ministry Auxiliary of the PAW, Inc. – IMMA  http://www.pawimma.com

International Usher Board of the PAW, Inc. – IUB  https://pawinc.org/tag/iub

International Single People’s Alliance of the PAW, Inc. – ISPA  http://pawsingles.com

International Deaf Ministry of the PAW, Inc. – IDM  https://pawinc.org/tag/idm

International Missions Department of the PAW, Inc. – IMD  http://pawimd.org

International Music & Sacred Arts Department of the PAW, Inc. – IMSA  https://pawinc.org/tag/imsa

Convention Evangelism & Outreach Services of the PAW, Inc.

International Young People’s Union of the PAW, Inc. – IPYPU  http://www.ipypu.org

International Health Professionals of the PAW, Inc. – IHP

International Wayfarers Auxiliary of the PAW, Inc. – IWA

Episcopal Districts and Respective Diocesans

1 – New York State & Ontario District Council: Bishop Carl Lewis

2 – Greater Pennsylvania State Council: Bishop Ronald L. Young

3 – Ohio District Council: Bishop James Gaiters

4 – Indiana District Council: Bishop Charles Sims

5 – Northern District Council: Bishop Ira Combs

6 – Illinois District Council: Bishop Horace E. Smith, MD *

Apostolic Faith Church 3823 S. Indiana Ave., Chicago, IL 60653 www.afcchicago.org

Bishop Horace E. Smith Pastor, MD phone 773-373-8500 afcinfo@afcchicago.org

7 – Minnesota, Wisconsin and Dakota Council: Bishop Richard D. Howell, Jr.

8 – Greater Tri-State (IA, NE, WY) Council: Bishop Lance R. Foster

9 – Alabama District Council: Bishop George F. Austin

10 – Mississippi & West Tennessee District Council: Bishop Clifton Jones

11 – Kentucky & Tennessee Council: Bishop Sherman L. Merritt

12 – Midwestern District Council: Bishop Larry O. Jones

13 – Texas State Council: 1st Asst Presiding Bishop Richard E. Young

14 – Heart of America Council of Churches: Bishop Mark C. Tolbert

15 – Mountain States Council: Bishop Gregory W. Newman

16 – Northern California District Council: Bishop Noel Jones

17 – Pacific Northwest District Council: Bishop Roland E. Hairston, Ph.D.

18 – Arkansas District Council: Bishop Alfonso Madden

19 – Northeast District Council: Bishop Michael Hannah, Sr.

20 – Connecticut District Council: 2nd Asst Presiding Bishop Theodore Brooks, Sr.

21 – New Jersey State Council: Bishop Edgar Robinson

22 – DC, Delaware & Maryland District Council: Bishop Ernest Pendleton

23 – West Virginia & East Tennessee Council: Bishop Samuel R. Moore

24 – South Carolina State Council: Presiding Bishop Charles H. Ellis III

25 – Nevada State Council: Bishop Donald Golder

26 – Oklahoma State Council: Bishop Jeffery Goldsmith

27 – Louisiana State Council: Bishop James Daniel

28 – Virginia State Council: Bishop Clarence E. Moore

29 – Florida State Council: Bishop Billy G. Newton

30 – Georgia State Council: Bishop Joseph D. Guthrie

31A – European Council Of Nations (East): Bishop Michael D. Franklin

31B – European Council Of Nations (West): Bishop C. Wayne Brantley

32A – India District Council: Vacant

32B – India District Council: Bishop Immanuel Paul

33 – Nigeria Eastern District Council (West Africa): Bishop Samuel Nice Nkanang

34 – Sierra Leone District Council (West Africa): Bishop Mona Reide

35 – Liberia District Council (West Africa): Bishop Leo Simpson

36 – Eastern Caribbean Council of Nations: Bishop Leo C. Smith, Jr.

37 – Jamaica District Council: Bishop John Thorpe

38 – Haiti District Council: Bishop Joseph S. Montinor

39 – Bahamas District Council: Bishop Ellis J. Farrington

40 – Egypt District Council: Vacant

41 – Ghana District Council (West Africa): Bishop Gary Harper

42 – Togo District Council: Bishop Rufus G. W. Sanders

43 – South Pacific District Council: Bishop Tutai Pere

44 – Zimbabwe District Council: Bishop Robert Baker

45 – Southern Philippines District Council: Bishop Robert Thomas

46 – Hawaii District Council: Bishop A. Glenn Brady

47 – Kenya District Council: Bishop Carl Turner

48 – Brazil District Council: Bishop Lourenco Vieira

49 – South Africa Council: Bishop Isaac Tum’o Mtimkulu

50 – Nigeria, West Africa District Council: Bishop Charles Finnell

51 – Northern Philippines District Council: Bishop James G. Rodges

52 – Far East District Council: Bishop Lawrence Robertson

53 – Cameroon District Council (West Africa): Vacant

54 – Dominican Republic District Council: Bishop Moses E. Butler

55 – Canada District Council: Bishop Barrington Smith

56 – Alaska District Council: Bishop Thomas Davis

57 – Baja/California/Mexico District Council: Bishop Leroy Horne

58 – North Carolina District Council: Bishop Marion E. Wright, Sr.

59 – Venezuela District Council: Bishop Edgar Posey

60 – (Western Cape) South Africa District Council: Vacant

61 – Colorado State Council: Bishop Jones Foote

62 – Uganda Africa District Council: Bishop Bruce Shaw

63 – Santo Domingo District Council: Bishop Melvin Brown

64 – (Eastern Cape) South Africa District Council: Bishop Gwendolyn Weeks

65 – (Mpumalanga Province) South Africa District Council: Bishop Fredrick Jackson

66 – Central California District Council: Bishop Robert T. Douglas

67 – Southern California District Council: Bishop Donnie McGriff

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