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Valley Kingdom Ministries Int'l presents "From His House to Your House" Preparing For Your Next a Business & Professional Summit on Jan 29, 2022!

29jan9:00 am2:00 pmValley Kingdom Ministries Int'l presents "From His House to Your House" Preparing For Your Next a Business & Professional Summit on Jan 29, 2022!

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From His House To Your House( Judges 20:18)

About this event

More than ever this pandemic has made us examine our lives and focus on our future. We believe God’s desire is for the blessings to flow from His house to our house. It’s imperative that we prepare for our Next, Now. Therefore, we are hosting a business & professional summit taught by industry professionals who will be leading empowering workshops.


Workshop #1 Grant Writing

Every dream needs resources to become a reality. Whether you’re already serving the community or developing an outreach program, money is a necessity. Establishing your non-profit is just the first step. Now, you need a way to finance your dream. Learn how to identify grant opportunities, share your mission, and build the basics of a winning grant proposal!

Workshop Instructor #1 Bio Stacy Adams

Minister Stacy Adams is a Chicago native who holds a bachelor’s degree from Clark Atlanta University in Mass Media Arts, and a master’s degree from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. Stacy served 8 years as Director, Corporate & Foundation Relations for Bethel New Life, and has spent 5 years as Grants Manager for RefugeeOne. Stacy is a graduate of the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ Fellowship and Protégé programs; and has been published extensively as a print journalist, freelancer, ghost writer, and author. She has raised more than $30 million for nonprofits during her career. Stacy is also President of SAP, Inc., a writing consulting service.

Workshop #2 Building a 501c3 Strategy – Proverbs 21:5 (AMP)

Did God give you a vision to start a non-for-profit organization, but you have no idea how to get it started? You have the passion and creativity, but do not have the funds to hire the people to set up your organization. Puzzlement can cause you to delay your obedience or worse start the work without being properly set up. I was once you and, in this workshop, I’m going to boost your knowledge and share my toolkit for starting a non-for-profit.

Workshop Instructor Bio #2 Sabrina L. Williams

Pastor Sabrina L. Williams is the online pastor at Valley Kingdom Ministries International. Prior to being the online pastor, Sabrina was the children’s pastor at VKMI. Sabrina is also the Executive Director for her Not-For-Profit, Changed Children & Youth Ministries known as CYM, based in the city of Chicago. Sabina is the co-founder of Innovative Ideas where she serves as a Growth Strategist for ministries and entrepreneurs. As a Growth Strategist, Sabrina is the lead architect and creator of opportunities for ministries and entrepreneurs helping them develop and grow their vision online.

Sabrina is blessed to be married to Larry Williams, Sr. and the mother of two amazing sons.

Workshop #3 Demolishing Your Debt- Proverbs 22:7

Demolishing Your Debt will discuss God’s Word on Debt; Good/Bad Debt; provide space for participants to create financial goals related to debt; and teach participants how to create a strategy and plan to get out and stay out of debt.

Workshop Instructor Bio #3 Tamara Dervin

Tamara Dervin is a Certified Financial Educator and Founder of Money Basics. Tamara has a Bachelors in Accountancy from U of I in Champaign-Urbana and a MBA in Finance and Marketing from Loyola University. Tamara has 23 years of accounting, audit, and investment experience within the financial services and government sectors. For the past 16 years, Tamara has been a Senior Auditor for a Federal Financial Regulatory Agency. Tamara offers financial coaching to individuals and couples and financial workshops to faith-based organizations, non-profits, educational institutions and corporations. Tamara has helped hundreds of individuals and couples: create financial vision, budget better, get out of debt, save and invest more, and get their financial life together. Tamara’s goal is to help everyone understand the Basics of Money Management and to move them from knowledge to ACTION! Tamara is a widow and mother of a 12-year-old son. Tamara is a member of and serves in ministry at Soul City Church here in Chicago. Follow Money Basics on Facebook and Instagram @IamMoneyBasics.

Workshop #4 How to Write a Business Plan-Habakkuk 2:2-3 (NKJV)

Your business plan summarizes what your business does, and what your business goals are. It discusses what the market opportunity is, what makes your business unique, and how you will achieve success.

This workshop will focus on the following:

– Why writing a business plan is necessary?

– How to write your business plan

– Your business and the products or services offered

– How to write about your market and competition

– Marketing and sales of your business

– The management and personnel of your business

– Operations – policy and procedures

– Financial performance, forecasting, budgeting

– S.W.O.T. (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats)

– Executive Summary

Workshop Instructor Bio #4 Nathaniel Aikens

Nathaniel Aikens is President and CEO of Joseph Company Consulting, Inc. (“JCC”). JCC is an Illinois corporation that has been in business for over twenty (20) years and provides contract Chief Financial Officer services to the faith-based community. With over twenty-five (25) years in the banking industry, Mr. Aikens also assist churches and commercial businesses with financing for acquisitions, refinances and capital improvement debt. His ability to help clients navigate through financial growth and accountability strategies gives those organizations the benefit of a committed CFO and peace of mind about the state of their financial status.

Mr. Aikens is married to Michele Aikens and has two wonderful children, Nate Aikens, Jr. and Alexandria Michele Aikens.

Workshop #5 Wills & Trust – Proverbs 13:22

The Bible says something very powerful in Proverbs 13:22. It gives us the instructions to provide an inheritance for our children’s children. For too often so many go to their grave and have not left an inheritance. This trend must be broken professionally by providing wills or trust. We are bringing in 2 outstanding attorneys that will teach a class NOW to prepare us for our NEXT. Don’t miss these powerful instructors.

Workshop Instructor Bio #5 Attorney Rhonda Reed

Attorney Rhonda Reed is the owner of the Law Office of Rhonda M. Reed. Attorney Reed’s goal is to build life long legal relationship with each client one pivotal life moment at a time. Toward that end, she provides general legal services in areas such as Estate Planning, Elder Law, Probate, and Real Estate. Attorney Reed has been practicing law for 22 years. Her experience in these areas allows her to both advocate on behalf of her clients and provide wise counsel to assist them in their decision-making. Attorney Reed is a member of VKMI and serves in various leadership roles within the Church.

Workshop Instructor Bio #5 Attorney Marcos Resendiz

Marcos Resendiz earned his Juris Doctor from UIC John Marshall Law School. He was licensed in Illinois in 2016. He worked under the tutelage of Attorney Thomas E. Vaughn from 2001 until 2021. Marcos serves as a member of the Illinois State Bar Association Trust and Estates Council, The Trust and Estates legislative subcommittee, and the Trust and Estates access to justice subcommittee. He is married with two children. His wife Eva is an Assistant Attorney General of Illinois, his daughter Simone is a 9th grader at Francis W. Parker, and Xochitl is living it up as an 11-month-old.


Workshop #6 Investments – Luke 19:13

One of the greatest commandments given by our Lord is found in Luke 19:13 where Jesus commands us to, “occupy until I come.”

That word occupy is to do business. We are called to not only provide for our families, but use our resources to advance His Kingdom. We have 2 powerful proven teachers who will give us investments that are current and will bring currency for us to provide for our families and also sow into ministry. The time is over for just a job. These investments will create awesome streams to fulfill your dreams. Don’t miss these anointed investment opportunities.

Workshop Instructor Bio #6 Apostle Patrick Isaac

Apostle Patrick Isaac is the visionary and spiritual authority of the PQL/A.C.T.I.O.N. vision. He is a societal reformer called to raise a new generation for the expansion of God’s kingdom on earth. His determination to fulfill the plan of God led him to establish the A.C.T.I.O.N. Center, a platform serving several socio-economic enterprises that advance the Kingdom of God in the systems of influence in our society. A prolific communicator, he preaches and teaches the Truth with clarity, power and authority.

He is a Consultant in Leadership (B.Sc.), a certified professional coach (PCC, CCC, MCC), and an international speaker. He is recognized for his ability to help people maximize their potential through strategic insight and biblical based principles. Many politicians, celebrities, business leaders and corporations around the world have sought Apostle ISAAC for his coaching and counseling that has helped them achieve their personal and professional goals.

Workshop Instructor Bio #6 Apostle Debora Taylor

Apostle Debora Taylor is the founder and president of Taylor-Made International Institute a parachurch, Faith and Business Ministry, which produced its first book series aptly titled: Tying the Knot Between Ministry and the Marketplace. She is the author of nine best selling books.

She is an Independent Marketplace Leader for TaylorMade Travel & Events hosted by Travorium Travel. Apostle Taylor currently holds the company’s rank of Ambassador. She became their newest six figure income earner on Christmas Day 2021.

She received her formal education from the Milwaukee Theological Institute and the Springfield College with a bachelor’s in human services.

She was raised in the inner city in the West Lawn housing project. Although she was an atheist for most of her teen and young adult years, at the age of twenty-six, God touched her life. Through the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit, she made her confession for the Lord Jesus Christ. Her life was changed that day, and she has never been the same.

Debora has been a spiritual and integral leader in the human service field for more than twenty-five years with expertise in the areas of women’s issues, marriage and family enrichment, youth and early childhood, and responsible fatherhood. Her efforts, her enthusiasm, and her great successes continue to be recognized locally and nationally. Debora has an extensive list of honors and awards including, the National Presidential Volunteer Service Award for 2012 presented to her by President Barack Obama for her local, regional and national involvement through the United States.

By the leading of the Holy Spirit, Debora and her husband became organizers and church planters of the New Life Kingdom Ministries International. She co-pastored for 18 years with her husband, Pastor Guy Taylor, until retiring from pulpit ministry in 2013 to move south to Memphis, Tennessee. She has been an ordained minister for 36 years.

Apostle H Daniel Wilson & Pastor Beverly Wilson her spiritual parents and overseers of Apostle Taylor’s Marketplace Ministry. They have been her covering for over 20 years.


Workshop #7 Writing & Publishing Your Book-Psalms 45:1 (NLT)

Is writing a book part of your NEXT? Whether you have wisdom to share, or are building a new career or business, a well-crafted book can establish your credibility and position you for success. We will share excerpts from our popular “Writer’s Intensive” workshop that include identifying your audience, marketing, copyrights and permissions, and connecting your voice with the voice of your audience. We will also include some writing exercises designed to snap you out of Writer’s block.

Michele Aikens is the author of four books; two of them are in second printings, and one is in its third printing.

Workshop Instructor Bio #7 Michele Aikens

Michele Aikens, ACC is CEO & Lead Coach of Sepia Prime Communications & Coaching. She is a certified professional coach and credentialed member of the International Coach Federation (ICF). Her areas of specialty include ministry leadership, executive women, transitional, and team coaching. She consults with non-profits and growing businesses in the areas of leadership, team and change strategies. Aikens has more than 30 years’ experience in training, publishing, communications strategy, and team development. She helps individuals and groups navigate challenges with insight, empathy, and humor.

Aikens is also a storyteller. She is the author of four books, including her latest, a children’s story entitled “Last Night I Dreamed My Purpose.”

Michele holds a bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies and a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership. She has been married for 31 to Nate Aikens, and they are the parents of two adult children.

About Sepia Prime Communications & Coaching

Sepia Prime Woman was formed in 2011 to help women over the age of 50 re-define themselves as business owners and consultants after a job loss. Aikens says, “As a consultant I realized how many struggled with taking an unfamiliar step. It can be frightening whether you are managing your own heart, or the heart of your company. Our name change to Sepia Prime Communications & Coaching reflects our training and focus on what happens inside and outside of individuals and companies.” The core values of Sepia Prime Communications & Coaching are Courage and Compassion in Embracing Change. We bring a strategic and deliberate approach to helping individuals and companies navigate change and discover new possibilities within themselves and their teams.

Assisting Workshop Instructor #7 Bio Cheri L. Perkin

Cheri L. Perkin is a dynamic, energetic, slightly intense, and fun individual. She feels exceptionally blessed and humbled that God would accept her as His daughter and allow her to be a wife, mother, and grandmother—roles that bring tremendous joy and depth of life to her.

Born in the early sixties and raised by her loving and hard-working paternal grandparents, Cheri was shaped and molded with sound values and Christian morals. Her relationship with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit became intentional in 1988. Cheri’s passion has always been to help others reach for the stars and live their dreams! Being a part of assisting others to achieve personal success and milestones brings her tremendous joy and a sense of fulfillment, especially when it’s a God inspired goal or promise. This passion has revealed itself in every segment of Cheri’s life. Mirroring her corporate life, Cheri has effectively served in multiple servant leadership positions within her local ministries including teacher, presenter, speaker, couples’ ministry leader, youth leader, and women’s ministry administrator. Each role served as a conduit to empower others and to add value to the lives of all she encounters.

The premier publication “From Prophecy To Reality – Positioning for Your Manifestation” is a compilation of Cheri’s deep belief in God’s promises for a full and abundant life that drives her to be the eternal optimist. She firmly believes that God means exactly what He says, and that everyone has the option to choose the path and plans that He has designed for them. Taking ownership and accountability for one’s state of life are principles that drive Cheri towards personal success; and with this book and Participation Journal, she hopes to motivate others to take charge of their own lives for a divinely designed outcome.

Cheri resides in Harvey, IL (a south suburb of Chicago) with her loving, devoted, and supportive husband of twenty-six years, Elroy Perkin. She has raised three beautiful, exceptionally talented, and anointed children, all of whom are

thriving young adults. Cheri is also blessed to have five wonderful bonus children and proudly wears the honorable title of “Grandma Honey” to her adorable grand babies! Cheri loves traveling with her husband and witnessing the milestones of her family, as their prophecies manifest one by one.

Website: www.CheriLPerkin.comEmail: cherilperkin@gmail.comFB: @clpwrites – Cheri L. Perkin Writes Workshop #8 Funding Your Business

In this class we will look at ways business, from start up to midsize, can access funding needed to start and to grow a business.

Workshop #8 Funding Your Business

In this class we will look at ways business, from start up to midsize, can access funding needed to start and to grow a business.

Workshop Instructor Bio #8 Winfred Burns II

Born in Chicago Illinois, Winfred Burns II is the Son of Winfred Burns Sr and Eugenia Buckman. Winfred is also the brother of Windi Burns and the father of 9 years of Winfred Burns III (Tre). Winfred is an alumnus of Langston University with his Bachelor’s degree in Finance. Since his matriculation from Langston University, Winfred has worked for several of the top banks in the United States in various roles from Branch Manager, Business Banker, Financial Advisor and Product Specialist. During his tenure in the banking industry, Winfred began helping individuals and businesses create and execute business plans to grow their revenues and decrease expenses. Winfred began teaching classes, performing seminars, hosting training with the goal of helping increase financial literacy to anyone who needed help. These classes were the birth of his Money and Relationship Coaching Business. Winfred also published his first book, “How To Move Up in Your Corporate Career.” This book gives is an essential resource needed to help people position themselves to be promoted within an organization as well as to get a raise. Winfred also began his own media network: Global Drive Network, where The Scoop Show, he co-hosts is. Global Drive Network also hosts live events all over the country discussing a wide range of topics such as social justice, relationships, religion, politics, and much much more.

Winfred accepted his call to ministry in 1998 while studying at Langston University. Since accepting his call, Winfred has preached the message of hope and salvation ever since. Winfred has served as a Worship Leader and as an Associate Minister at the John W. Coleman Chapel and at Pilgrims Rest Baptist

Church. Winfred has also served as Assistant Pastor under his Father, Winfred Burns Sr. Winfred served on the worship team and as a Minister at Maple Ave Ministries under Rev. Dr. Denise Kingdom-Grier, while finishing his Masters of Divinity at Western Theological Seminary. Currently, Winfred is an Associate Pastor/Pastoral Resident at Tabernacle Community Church where he is a part of the Teaching Team, is a part of the Social Media Team and leads TCC’s Invocation Project where we are helping people learn that their work is a part of each of our kingdom mandate to spread the gospel. Winfred released his first relationship book, “How To Survive Relationship Storms” in 2021.

You can find him on all social media under @WinfredBurns II.

Workshop #9 I’m Snatching My Name Back! -Proverbs 22:1

Are you ready to increase your credit score to acquire that new car, new home or other property? What about some land? Your credit score is who you are. Your credit score is your name. Our past choices and even these challenging times have caused us to make some decisions that damaged our credit score. These challenging times also offer us some amazingly creative ways to restore our credit. Let’s snatch our name back!

Workshop Instructor #9 Bio

Runisia Henry is a performance-driven Entrepreneur, Consultant and Grant Writer with more than 20 years of business and operations experience. Her broad areas of expertise include servant leadership, business consulting and advisory, executive coaching, career coaching, workshop facilitation, and growth strategy. She holds a Masters in Business Administration and Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Studies from Governors State University. Runisia serves as System of Business Leader and active member of Valley Kingdom Ministries International.

Apostle H. Daniel Wilson

Visionary, Trailblazer, Leader, Pastor, Servant, Author and Songwriter are just some of the words used to describe Apostle H. Daniel Wilson. As Senior Pastor of Valley Kingdom Ministries International in Oak Forest Illinois for over 35 years, Apostle Wilson accepted the responsibility to diligently lay the proper foundation to progress the body of Christ through the vision “Advancing the Kingdom through the Seven Systems of Power & Influence by way of Technology.” Apostle Wilson’s mission is helping the body of Christ understand the importance of invading and infecting so that we can impact society in the seven areas of business, government, faith, arts and entertainment, media, family and education. (Revelation 11:15)

With his unique blend of cutting-edge revelation and his creative preaching style, Apostle Wilson has traveled throughout the United States as well as internationally to six of the seven continents, establishing the Kingdom of God to have rule, dominion and authority on the Earth until Christ returns. Apostle Wilson is also the Spiritual Father to over 150 sons and daughters in ministry, both nationally and internationally.

Apostle Wilson uses his platform to be a leader in his community. He preaches that the church has to go beyond the four walls. Some of the many initiatives that have went forth under Apostle Wilson’s leadership are Hope For The Homeless (homeless ministry), Helping Hands (prison ministry), Operation Jericho (evangelism ministry), as well as the Hattie B Williams Food Pantry which feeds an average of 500 people each week. Apostle Wilson moves swiftly whenever a need in the community arises. Even now during the Covid-19 pandemic, Apostle Wilson and his team weekly visits hospitals, nursing homes, funeral homes, police station and fire departments donating to them essential items such as mask, gloves, sanitizer, food and prayer.

In addition to his ministry and service accomplishments, Apostle Wilson has also experienced success as a businessman and entrepreneur. A graduate of Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication; Apostle Wilson is the Founder of Maranatha Ministries, Inc., where he tenaciously teaches and imparts the message of the Kingdom and its life-changing principles through CDs, DVDs and books. Apostle Wilson is also the CEO of Kingdom Entertainment Group, whose mandate is to produce films, docudramas and theatre productions to impact a generation through media. The mantra of Kingdom Entertainment Group is entertaining the world as we change the world.

Apostle Wilson serves on the executive counsel for the International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders (ICA) under John P. Kelly. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Community Impacting Business Network Foundation (CIBN) headed by Prophet Bill Hammond. Apostle Wilson is also the 7 Mountains Overseer for Global United Fellowship under Bishop Neil C. Ellis.

Apostle H. Daniel Wilson is married to Beverly L. Wilson, who serves with him in ministry as Director of the Mountain of Government as well as Executive Pastor at Valley Kingdom Ministries International. They have two children and four grandchildren.


Speakers for this event

  • Apostle H. Daniel Wilson

    Apostle H. Daniel Wilson

    Senior Pastor at Valley Kingdom Ministries International

    Apostle H. Daniel Wilson, Pastor of Valley Kingdom Ministries International (VKMI) in Chicago, and founder of the platinum-selling group, Shekinah Glory Ministry.


    Senior Pastor at Valley Kingdom Ministries International

  • Pastor Ray Bady

    Pastor Ray Bady

    Pastor at Valley Kingdom Ministries, International

    Ray Bady is a native of Chicago, Illinois who began playing drums in church at an early age. Born the son of a pastor, he sharpened his musical skills at his father’s church in the south suburbs of Chicago. After graduating high school, (Taft H.S.) and attending college (Columbia), he continued to develop his gifts and those gifts eventually led him to a professional career in music where he either drummed or performed production for such successful artists as Kirk Franklin, Donnie McClurkin, BeBe & Cece Winans, Yolanda Adams, R. Kelly, and for the past 20 plus years, still remains the music director for one of the industry's best, gospel recording artist, Bishop Marvin Sapp. In addition to being a drummer, Bady is an accomplished singer, song-writer, producer and minister, ordained directly by his father, Pastor O.D. Bady Sr. After many years of touring and studio work abroad, Bady signed a recording deal with Gospo Centric records (Vicki Mack Lataillade- CEO) and put his talents to work and eventually recorded his solo debut album, Mission K.O.B. (Keep on Believing), where he co-wrote and produced the project with his brother, gospel music legend, Percy Bady. Ray recently had a reoccurring role on the Oprah Winfrey reality TV show, “The Book of John” (following the life of his good friend & brother, Pastor John Gray). He believes his time to continue using his gifts to encourage people, is truly RIGHT NOW! Ray is a devoted husband of over 25 years to Chilond Bady and father of two (Jaimond and Charte’se). His mission in life is simply to encourage inspire and uplift all he comes in contact with!

    Pastor at Valley Kingdom Ministries, International


Valley Kingdom Ministries International

Pastor Jeff Newton (708) 259-0862 5300 West 151st Street, Oak Forest, Illinois 60452

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