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Pure Comedy Laughs

12marAll DayPure Comedy LaughsFilming of 5 clean comedy shows

Event Details

Sat 3pm 6pm and 9 pm shows / Sunday 4pm and 7pm shows

Us – Cott Entertainment LLC / and Red Level Entertainment Bryant Thompson Owner/Partner is shooting Pure Comedy Laughs Season 2 in Charlotte NC before relocating to Chicago IL for Season 3 2022

Pure Comedy Laughs

“you ain’t never seen clean comedy like this before”

Shooting Season 2 * March 12/13 2022 * Charlotte NC

4 Hosts

1. Tp Hearn

2. Sylvia Small-Fry Comedian

3. Degario Turner

4. Nick Lewis

16 New Comedians

1. Bobby Brown

Atlanta GA

2. Debbie Sue Goodman (Fall Season 3)

Chicago IL

3. Karen Johnson Canion

Greensboro NC

4. Russell Keller

Colorado Spring CO

5. Derrick D. Moore

Buffalo NY

6. Chris Diorio

Waterbury CT (production)

7. Chris Monds

Charlotte NC

8. MeMe Manning

Washington DC

9. Sly Carter

Birmingham AL

10. Carlos BigLos Massey

Greensboro NC

11. Tito Koonce

Charlotte NC

12. Paul Snyder

Chattanooga TN

13. Oneshia Edens

Greenville SC

14. Spunky Robinson

Miami FL

15. Montee Rogers

Atlanta GA

16. Drew Davis






Us Cott Entertainment LLC / Red Level Entertainment

980-250 - 5531 / 773- 344 -7380 PO Box 241762 Charlotte NC 28217

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