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Faith Harvest Church

1001 Buffalo Street

TRANSCEND CULTURE. To be a church that is racially, culturally, and ethnically integrated. Our Message on promoting reconciliation and restoration among the races is very real to us. Acceptance of people is our calling and our passion. We do this by building a racially integrated team of Leaders and laity who work together for common purpose. We will be a church with effective ministry to all age groups; to people of all financial brackets; and all races. We want to be a church that represents every group of people in our city. TELL PEOPLE. To witness to the reality of the Lordship of Jesus Christ by bringing people into relationship with Christ. We aim to prepare each believer to be soul-winners. We will send evangelistic teams to various parts of our city, the inner-cities of America, and foreign nations to share Christ. The Great Commission must be fulfilled. TRAIN PEOPLE. To establish them in the truth of God’s Word and to encourage them in building healthy relationships. We provide opportunities weekly for instruction in the Word of God where biblical principles are taught. Faith Harvest Church strives to ensure that its’ membership is biblically literate and skilled in implementing the Word of God. We view ourselves as developers of leaders. TOUCH PEOPLE. To serve the needs of the community is a part of our Christian responsibility. Therefore, we will construct Bible-based social programs to help resolve the problems affecting our community. We will be a church characterized by unselfish acts of outreach. We will be a church provoked to loving and serving one another. TRIUMPH. To equip them to be successful in the home, in the community and in business. We believe that it is God’s will for every believer to live as a champion. We will demonstrate this through systematic teaching of the Word of God, periodic seminars, and workshops. The fruit of the ministry should be that the lives of people would be victoriously transformed by the Word and they take what they have learned and impact their world.

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